​​​​Kingston Pet Sitting Service

What exactly do you do?

Kingston Pet Sitting provides a variety of pet related services for the discriminating pet owner.  From daily dog walks to feeding fish and kitty visits            
we provide the loving care and experience that your pet needs to flourish in your absence, all in the comfort of their own home.

Why us over another service?

We believe in excellence of service.  We are always available even at short notice (less than 4 hours).  We are open 365 days a year from 7am - 9pm.  We have Veterinarians as clients and we have a on call Veterinarian we can call at anytime.  

Do you do off leash walks?

No, in fact we are against off leash walks.  We do not crowd multiple dogs in a  van and take the dogs to a place so they can run.  We believe that this is a dangerous practise that  can lead to dogs being hurt or lost.

Who uses a pet sitter?

​​Responsible pet owners who travel and have a pet that needs to be looked after in their own environment.  Whether you travel often forbusiness or just want to get away for a holiday.  Kingston Pet Sitting Service can help.  Your pet is looked after and given the utmost care and attention while you are away.  By paying by the visit we will come as often or as little as you like!  We also have your mail and newspapers brought in, along with alternating lights and curtains, provides an added security measure for your home.

Are you bonded and insured?

​​Yes, we sure are!  All staff have had CPIC (Canadian Police Information Centre) checks.  We also provide you a copy of our insurance papers right online if in the unlikely event it is required.

Who would need a dog walker?

Businesses are requiring more of their employees today.  Longer hours mean longer period that a dog is left home alone without a needed potty and exercise break.  Kingston Pet Sitting Service provides daily walks to give your pet the exercise and attention your pet needs to live a healthy life.